Short Films Competition | 14 min | 2018

Strange Planet Theory

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About the Film

In a visual metaphor about love, life, death and the sense of the day; the passion of a man for a woman is the symbol of nature and the mysteries of existence lost in our universe. Every human being brings a universe within. An unmarried couple lives in a garden. The two should be married; but instead they are faced by an incident that brings another meaning to their lives.


Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2018
Length 14 min
Language Portuguese
Country Brazil
Premiere World Premiere

Film Credits

Director Marco Antônio Pereira
Screenplay Marco Antônio Pereira
Cinematography Marco Antonio Pereira
Editing Marco Antonio Pereira
Producer Ariane Rocha
Production Company Ariane Rocha (Estúdio Marco)
Sound Design
Sound Marco Antonio Pereira
Cast Larissa Bocchino, Gerson Marques

Film Contacts

Directed by: Marco Antônio Pereira

Marco Antônio Pereira is a young Brazilian filmmaker. He called attention to his unique way of narrating and his reputation of being relentless in his attempt for a unique aesthetic. Coming from the charming Brazilian city of Cordisburgo-MG, Marco is a rare unique type that has cinema as a way of life. In July 2017 he gave a new focus on his career by officially producing films. He recorded the short film “A retirada para um coração bruto” and Alma Bandida (Official Competition Berlinale 2018).