Short Films Competition | 20 min | 2018

Abdullah and Leilah

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About the Film

Haunted by memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah suffers from dementia and struggles to communicate with his British-born daughter Leilah. As his mind wavers between his past and his unfamiliar present, he no longer remembers the life he has lived in London for the past 60 years or the fluent English he has spoken. Leilah, who only speaks English, needs one last moment of connection with her father before she also fades from his memory.


23 Sep, 18:15, Sea Cinema 3

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2018
Length 20 min
Language Arabic
Country United Kingdom, Iraq
Premiere World Premiere

Film Credits

Director Ashtar Al Khirsan
Screenplay Ashtar Al Khirsan
Cinematography Vladimir Trivic
Music Tara Creme
Editing Tracy Granger
Producer Dominique Unsworth
Production Company Resource Productions
Sound Design
Sound Doug Haywood
Cast Sami Abdulhameed , Houda Echoufani

Film Contacts

International Sales
Asthar Al Khirsan

Directed by: Ashtar Al Khirsan

Ashtar Al Khirsan has made several documentary films that have been screened and acclaimed at international film festivals in Edinburgh, London, Rotterdam and Chicago, where she won the Best Arts Documentary Film Award for her film about Pete Doherty. Her feature film script, Bird in a Storm, was developed with the support of Creative Europe Media and was selected for the Sources 2 Script Development Workshop. Abdullah and Leilah is her first directorial work in fiction.