Short Films Competition | 21 min | 2018


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About the Film

Three best friends – Jimmy, Samy and Sofi have the idea of a lifetime, or so they think. They decide to transform a chocolate vending machine into a cannabis-vending machine. Their master plan doesn’t go as expected, so they get more creative with the idea… only to fail again: Also there is a dog in the film.


Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2018
Length 21 min
Language French
Country Switzerland, France
Premiere International Premiere

Film Credits

Director Christophe Saber
Screenplay Christophe Saber
Cinematography Dino Franco Berguglia
Editing Maël Lenoir
Producer Thierry Lounas, Claire Bonnefoy, Elena Tatti
Production Company Capricci , Bobbi Lux , Box Productions , Canal plus , Digital productions
Sound Design
Sound Benjamin Benoit
Cast Cyprien Colombo , Michaël Paz ,Youssef Sahraoui

Film Contacts

Directed by: Christophe Saber

After graduating at ECAL in 2014, Christophe Saber directed several short films including Discipline, which won the Swiss Film Prize for Best Short in 2015, and Punchline (2017). He also directed three documentaries, including The Valley of Salt in 2016.