Short Films Competition | 14 min | 2019


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While the normal job of a delivery messenger is to deliver orders to people, this film follows quite an unusual delivery service specialist, and a rather overwhelming undertaking. The protagonist delivers sheer emotions at the request of the senders. His packages are composed of intangibles that aim to bring joy, love, or fond memories and flashbacks to their addressees. This short trip to a sea of sentiments poses a sobering question: Are we doing enough for the ones we love?

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2019
Length 14 min
Language Russian with subtitles in English
Country Russia
Premiere National Premiere

Film Credits

Director Vladimir Koptsev, Elena Koptseva
Screenplay Vladimir Koptsev, Elena Koptseva
Cinematography Artur Bergart
Editing Ekaterina Beresnevich, Igor Loginov
Producer Vladimir Koptsev
Production Company Alexander Mitta Film School
Sound Design
Sound Daria Ivanova
Cast Andrey Kondratyev, Galina Filimonova, Daria Rumyantseva

Film Contacts

Directed by: Vladimir Koptsev, Elena Koptseva