Short Films Competition | 30 min | 2019


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About the Film

In a converted nuclear reactor under the biblical city of Bethlehem in Palestine, Dunia, the dying founder of a high-tech orchard designed to reverse the effects of an eco-apocalypse, passes on instructions to her successor Alia. The aim is to cultivate a replica ecosystem and replant the healing soil above. The film is an emotional tale of memory, politics and loss, as well as a story of two women forging a friendship on the brink of extinction.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2019
Length 30 min
Language Arabic with subtitles in English
Country Denmark, United Kingdom, Palestine
Premiere MENA Premiere

Film Credits

Director Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind
Cinematography Anna Valdez-Hanks
Music Niklas Schak
Editing Sue Giovanni
Producer Alexandra Roche
Production Company Spike Island
Sound Design
Sound Ben Hurd, Tom Sedgwick
Cast Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abd ElHadi, Leila Sansour

Film Contacts

Directed by: Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind