Short Films Competition | 15 min | 2019


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Taxes have been set up on pet holders in Russia. The defaulters are wanted by animal inspectors. Raya is a professional with a huge passion for her job, which happens to warp her personality and negatively affect her relationships. Psychoanalysis, hypnosis and breathing exercises can't solve the problem. Raya attempts to improve her personal life, but the fact that she is the best in her job may deprive her hopes of a relationship with a man.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2019
Length 15 min
Language Russian with subtitles in English
Country Russia
Premiere International Premiere

Film Credits

Director Irina Khodyush
Screenplay Lida Utyomova, Irina Khodyush
Cinematography Maxim Dianov
Music Nikolay Skvortsov, Andrey Lemeshko, Dmitry Vischunov
Editing Ekaterina Kuchumova
Producer Ravil Salikhov, Elena Panfilova
Production Company Take Shot Film Studio, Moscow Film School
Sound Design
Sound Yuriy Teterev, Oleg Fyodorov
Cast Natasha Shvets, Vladimir Mishukov

Film Contacts

Directed by: Irina Khodyush