Feature Documentary Competition | 78 min | 2017

In Praise of Nothing

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About the Film

Nothing runs away from home, through images of endless deserts and wastelands, and starts its earthly self-defense pleading for understanding and its right to coexist.It makes its points through exposition, in the form of a visual ballad; filled with violent and irreconcilable differences as well as constant and unexpected sublime convergences.
Director Boris Mitic asked dozens of cinematographers around the world to film what most represents their idea of “nothing.” He himself shot half of the film, looking for something that could transcend the act of representation; Nothing rejects selfexhibition, but only allows glimpses of its symbols for those who have enough
sensibility to catch them.
Nothing’s lyrical monologues were written by Mitic himself, and they are a delightful mix of high philosophy (from Adorno to Heidegger, all guesses are open), jokes, and ironic insights. A work of art that has the rhythm of the flowing of water in a river—sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes open to hope, sometime running into dark, horrifying gorges, but always resurfacing with irresistible energy. To top it all off, the voice of rock star Iggy Pop guides the audience through this incredible trip.

Film Info

Section Feature Documentary Competition
Year 2017
Length 78 min
Language English, with Arabic subtitles
Country Serbia

Film Credits

Director Boris Mitić
Screenplay Boris Mitić
Cinematography Sebastian Alfie, David Batty, Nedzad Begovic, Attila Boa, Roman Bondarchuk, Talel Khoury
Music Pascal Comelade, The Tiger Lillies
Producer Boris Mitić, Fabrizio Polpettini
Production Company Dribbling Pictures, Anti- Absurd, La Bête
Sound Design

Film Contacts

Dribbling Pictures
BitoLjske 2
11030 Belgede

Directed by: Boris Mitić

Boris Mitić Born in 1977 in Leskovac, southern Serbia, Boris Mitić lived on a few continents, worked for a few years for the most prestigious global media outlets, understood a few things and dedicated the rest of his life to creative parenting, creative football and creative documentaries: a Gypsy Mad Max recycling saga, a claustrophobic tragicomedy of the absurd, a satirical documentary fairy tale, a feel-good parable about Nothing, for a total of over 200 festivals, 25 awards and 20+ broadcasters. Boris also plays blitz chess & lectures globally on the realpolitik of documentary filmmaking