Official Selection out of Competition | 87 min | 2019


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About the Film

When the Taliban puts out a call for his death, Afghan director Hassan Fazili has no choice but to flee with his wife and two young daughters. It is an urgent documentary about a family's exodus from Afghanistan, giving a human face to the global refugee crisis. As told first-hand by the refugees themselves, Midnight Traveler captures the frightening state of limbo in which asylum seekers live, as Fazili depicts the danger and desperation of a multi-year odyssey filled with tremendous love, intimacy and fear.

Film Info

Section Official Selection out of Competition
Year 2019
Length 87 min
Language Persian with subtitles in English
Country United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Premiere MENA Premiere

Film Credits

Director Hassan Fazili
Screenplay Emelie Mahdavian
Cinematography Fatima Hussaini, Hassan Fazili, Nargis Fazili, Zahra Fazili
Music Gretchen Jude
Editing Emelie Mahdavian
Producer Emelie Mahdavian, Su Kim
Production Company Old Chilly Pictures
Sound Design
Sound Daniel Timmons, Tony Volante
Cast Hassan Fazili, Nargis Fazili, Zahra Fazili, Fatima Hussaini

Film Contacts

Directed by: Hassan Fazili