Official Selection out of Competition | 139 min | 2019


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About the Film

Set in Rio de Janeiro in 1950, this ravishing period drama follows the story of Eurídice and Guida, two inseparable young sisters living at home with their conservative parents. Even though the local traditional lifestyle has the upper hand, each sister nourishes a precious dream: Eurídice of becoming a renowned pianist, and Guida of finding true love. Due to familial shame and deceit, the sisters are separated and forced to live apart. And while they take control of their separate destinies, they never give up hope of reuniting.

Film Info

Section Official Selection out of Competition
Year 2019
Length 139 min
Language Portuguese with subtitles in English
Country Brazil, Germany 

Film Credits

Director Karim Aïnouz
Screenplay Murilo Hauser, Karim Aïnouz, Inés Bortagaray
Cinematography Hélène Louvart
Music Benedikt Schiefer
Editing Heike Parplies
Producer Rodrigo Teixeira, Michael Weber, Viola Fügen
Production Company RT Features, Pola Pandora, Sony Pictures, Canal Brasil, Naymar
Sound Design
Sound Waldir Xavier, Björn Wiese
Cast Carol Duarte, Julia Stockler, Fernanda Montenegro, Gregório Duvivier, Antônio Fonseca

Film Contacts

Directed by: Karim Aïnouz