Feature Documentary Competition | 79 min | 2020


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About the Film

A contemporary documentary Western that takes place against the backdrop of a newly emerging China-Africa relationship. The film is set in a remote rural region in Southern Africa, a frontier space in which the laws of society are in a state of flux. The unbridled forces of capitalism are felt deep in these rural communities as a new order begins to evolve. As old structures begin to disintegrate, one rule asserts itself above all others: eat or be eaten. The film had its world premiere at the 70th Berlinale.



Film Info

Section Feature Documentary Competition
Year 2020
Length 79 min
Language Sesotho, Fujianese, Mandarin, English
Country France, South Africa, Netherlands

Film Credits

Director Teboho Edkins
Screenplay Teboho Edkins
Cinematography Samuel Lahu
Editing Laurence Manheimer, C├ędric Le Floc'h
Producer Janja Kralj, Don Edkins, Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen
Production Company KinoElektron, Day Zero Films, Keplerfilm
Sound Design
Sound Jaim Sahuleka

Film Contacts

Directed by: Teboho Edkins

Teboho Edkinis studied photography and fine arts at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in the University of Cape Town, and film at Le Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains in France. He then earned a degree in directing from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. He directed around 11 documentaries that were screened at several international film festivals, such as Coming of Age, Ask Me I'm Positive, Looking Good, True Love, Gangster Project, and Gangster Backstage.