Short Films Competition | 12 min | 2020


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Rome seems to be deserted. The heat is scorching. Only a mother and her daughter keep the road company, dragging a large suitcase along. It certainly looks like they are seeking one another, or escaping each other all the same. They reverse their natural roles in continuation, and it may seem confusing at first. Until, with just a single gesture, the unexpected epiphany of the nature of their relationship is revealed before them. The film was selected for the Orizzonti section of the 77th  Venice Film Festival.


Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2020
Length 12 min
Language No dialogues
Country Italy

Film Credits

Director Jasmine Trinca
Screenplay Francesca Manieri, Jasmine Trinca
Cinematography Daria D’Antonio
Editing Chiara Vullo
Producer Olivia Musini
Production Company Cinemaundici
Sound Design
Sound Celeste Frontino
Cast Alba Rohrwacher, Maayane Conti

Film Contacts

Directed by: Jasmine Trinca

Jasmine Trinca was born in 1981 in Rome, Italy. She is an actress and director who began her film career in 2001 in Nanni Moretti’s award-winning The Son's Room, for which she received the Guglielmo Biraghi Prize as best new talent of the year. In 2004, she won a Silver Ribbon for The Best of Youth. Being My Mom is her directorial debut.