Short Films Competition | 16 min | 2020


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About the Film

Cadastral official Albert Feliksovich visits his fortune-teller once again. This time, he learns that he will die soon, and a question poses itself: what should he do with all his money? The fortune-teller tells him that he can take it to the grave and use it in the afterlife, and with that, he goes off in search of burial grounds. As he endeavors to take his wife along, he is now adamant to be buried with his money and precious possessions—even his car. People, however, seem to struggle with the idea of letting him go through with it.








Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2020
Length 16 min
Language Russian
Country Russia

Film Credits

Director Artem Gilemyanov
Screenplay Artem Gilemyanov  
Cinematography Artem Gilemyanov
Editing Artem Gilemyanov
Producer Artem Gilemyanov
Production Company
Sound Design
Sound Alexandr Abramov

Film Contacts

Directed by: Artem Gilemyanov

Artem Gilemyanov is a 37-year-old film director, screenwriter and producer born and raised in the city of Tyumen, Siberia, Russia. He graduated from the Director Courses of Alexander Mitta at the Moscow School of Film in 2016.  In 2018, he graduated from the film school, Free Cinema in Moscow.