Short Films Competition | 15 min | 2020


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About the Film

Christian, a bricklayer by day, tries to keep his younger brother, Giulio, at school. With their mother being an alcoholic absentee, and their father figure being quite non-existent, it proves to be a challenging task. Ali, the owner of the grocery store in their building, grows to resemble a paternal reference for the brothers, thanks to his generosity and understanding of their needs. The struggling duo represent the common heroes of our time: the heroes of survival.





Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2020
Length 15 min
Language Italian
Country Italy

Film Credits

Director Valentina Casadei
Screenplay Valentina Casadei  
Cinematography Luca Nervegna
Music Francesco Petronelli, Antonio Ministeri, Maichol Bondanelli
Editing Corrado Iuvara
Producer Paola Piccioli
Production Company First Child Productions
Sound Design
Sound Riccardo Rossi
Cast Matteo Olivetti, Malik Gueye, Aziz Es Sahnouny

Film Contacts

Directed by: Valentina Casadei

Valentina Casadei was born in 1993 in Ravenna, Italy, and graduated from the DAMS University in Bologna. Later on, she moved to Paris where she acquired a master’s degree in screenwriting and directing at EICAR. Her two short films, All About Emily (2016) and Blessed Days (2017), were selected at many international film festivals. Valentina currently serves as a programmer at 5 international film festivals, and is working on her first feature film.