Short Films Competition | 13 min | 2017

Cheers to the Newlyweds | ¡Que vivan los novios!

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About the Film

A sweet elderly woman thinks she’s preparing a surprise party to celebrate the birthday of her baby girl, even when her grumpy husband insists she must serve him his food. When she begins to cook for him, somebody knocks on the door and a bride appears with a broken dress asking for help. Despite her husband, the old woman decides to help the girl and rescue a wedding that is about to be called off.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2017
Length 13 min
Language Spanish
Country Mexico

Film Credits

Director Violeta Monserrat Larqué
Screenplay Violeta Monserrat Larqué
Cinematography Ramón Orozco Stoltenberg
Music Tonalli Magaña- Guzmán
Editing Óscar Figueroa
Production Company Mexican Film Institute
Sound Design Gabriel Coll Barberis
Cast Silvia Mariscal, Jose Sefam, Mariana Cabrera, Maria Sandoval.

Film Contacts

Mexican Film Institute
Insurgentes Sur 674 Col. Del Valle CP 03100,
Benito Juárez, Distrito Federal
Ciudad de México
Gloria Mascorro

Directed by: Violeta Monserrat Larqué

Mexican communicator interested in exploring everyday stories. Violeta Monserrat Larqué scriptwriter and also doing works as scriptdoctor, In addition to preparing her first feature film, she has been interested in digital media conceptualizing animations and websites for cultural and commercial purposes. Her films are Que vivan los novios. 2017, Mejora tu Escuela, 2014, Estrecho de Bering, 2013, Cómo Cambiar Historias, 2012 and Veneno, 2002