Short Films Competition | 28 min | 2017

Inside The Wardrode | Dans l'armoire

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About the Film

In a world where appearance is more important than what’s inside, Frank has lost everything and now lives on the street. To survive and reintegrate into society, he can only count on his abilities to adapt, his incredible imagination, his suit and his closet.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2017
Length 28 min
Language French
Country France
Premiere World Premiere

Film Credits

Director Sébastien Carfora
Screenplay Sébastien Carfora
Cinematography Alexandre Berman
Music Mathieu Gauriat
Editing Xavier Thieulien
Production Company La Luna Production
Sound Design Alexandre Andrillon, Jules Wysocki, Xavier Thieulin

Film Contacts

La Luna Productions
12, rue d’Enghien
Sébastien Hussenot

Directed by: Sébastien Carfora

Sébastien Carfora was Born in Italy in 1978. After his B.A. with honours in Film Studies. He worked as cinematographer for the RAI, and then went to France to become a film director. His short film The first time won many awards. In 2009 he directed two short films, Palak Panner and, Howl of a fish, that won many awards during film festivals all around the world.