Short Films Competition | 11 min | 2017


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About the Film

An entrepreneurial middle-eastern man, Reza, tries to get a large-scale business off the ground without financial support, as he works at a car wash to make ends meet. Reza has everything it takes to be successful; he just needs an opportunity to prove what he can become.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2017
Length 11 min
Language English
Country United Kingdom

Film Credits

Director Joseph Simmons
Screenplay Sean Brown
Cinematography Sean Brown
Music Liam Gilchrist
Editing Ying Qin
Producer Rebekkah Karen Haysom
Production Company Northern Film School
Sound Design Antony Metaxakis
Cast Nisaro Karim, Robert Clement-Evans, Brian Woodward, Yasemin Kafali, Michael Loftus, George Net

Film Contacts

43 Kent Road
United Kingdom
Joseph Simmons

Directed by: Joseph Simmons

Joseph Simmons is a filmmaker from Yorkshire working out of Harrogate. He completed his BA in Philosophy at the university of Manchester in 2015 and collaborated with independent filmmakers in Manchester. Joseph completed MA in filmmaking at the Northern Film School in Leeds, where he directed the short film Impression, and has founded his own film production company called Will-O-Wisp.