Short Films Competition | 18 min | 2017

Littel Soldiers | Petits Soldats

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About the Film

Childhood friends Louis and Polo are two young apprentice cooks in an inn in Normandie. In their free time they play paintball, a rather violent game. Louis dreams of going to Paris and Polo will do everything to prevent it.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2017
Length 18 min
Language French
Country France
Premiere International Premiere

Film Credits

Director Julien Magnan
Screenplay Julien Magnan, Julien Prevost
Cinematography Victor Seguin
Music Julien Magnan
Editing Gwen Hubert
Production Company Méroé films
Sound Design
Cast Nino Rochev,Julien Drion,Massimo Bellini, Pierre Aussedat

Film Contacts

Directed by: Julien Magnan

Julian Magnan was born in 1981 like Louis in Little soldiers , he used to work in a restaurant as a young apprentice chef in the same restaurant where he shot the film.he left to Paris Then Germany and Lebanon where he began to practice photography,editing and then script writing. Little soldiers is his first film