Official Selection out of Competition | 95 min | 2017

Loving Vincent

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About the Film

Vincent van Gogh is the world’s most famous painter. His Starry Night, Café Terrace at Night, Sunflowers, Wheatfield with Crows and indeed his own face in his many selfportraits are among the most recognized images in our world.
Vincent is not only famous for his paintings, but also for his tortured life, notably for cutting off his ear and shooting himself while painting at his easel; painting to the bitter end of his unhappy misunderstood life. He is the world’s totemic ‘tortured artist’.
Loving Vincent explores Vincent’s life and work by bringing to life some of Vincent van Gogh’s most inspirational paintings to tell his story. The film tried to shed light on the circumstances of his death, through the stories of those who crossed his path.
Every one of the 65,000 frames of the film are hand-painted by 115 professional oilpainters who travelled from all across Europe to the Loving Vincent studios to take part in this unique production. Partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign and was first shot as a live action film with the actors, before each frame was hand-painted over.

Film Info

Section Official Selection out of Competition
Year 2017
Length 95 min
Language English, with Arabic subtitles
Country United Kingdom, Poland

Film Credits

Director Hugh Welchman, Dorota Kobiela
Screenplay Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman
Cinematography Tristan Oliver, Lukasz Zal
Editing Justyna Wierszynska, Dorota Kobiela
Producer Hugh Welchman, Sean Bobbitt, Ivan Mactaggart
Production Company
Sound Design
Cast Douglas Booth, Robert Gulaczyk, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jerome Flynn, Saoirse Ronan, Chris O’Dowd

Film Contacts

Front Row Filmed Entertainment LLC
AL Garhoud Bldg., 3rd floor, 301. AL Garhoud 49714 .
United Arab Emirates

Directed by: Hugh Welchman, Dorota Kobiela

Dorota Kobiela, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has directed one live action short film, The Hart in Hand (2006) and five animated shorts – The Letter (2004), Love me (2004), Mr. Bear (2005), Chopin’s Drawings (2011) and Little Postman (2011). Loving Vincent is her feature film debut. Hugh Welchman graduated with a degree from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy & Economics and a vague notion of wanting to make films. He began his career as producer of short films for Monty Python, and then set up BreakThru Films. In 2008 Welchman was awarded an Oscar for BreakThru’s first major production, Peter and the Wolf. The film also picked up several other top prizes.