Tuesday ,26 of September 2017
Tuesday ,26 of September 2017
Tuesday ,26 of September 2017

Brief about the fourth day of GFF

El Haimoune screened at Sea Cinema 1 at 3:00PM. The movie was about a young teacher who was sent to an isolated village in the Tunisian desert, but instead of devoting himself to teaching, he vanished in pursuit of enigmas, losing himself in the fables and legends of ancient Arab culture.

In Praise of Nothing screened at Sea Cinema 2 at 3:15PM. The movie portrayed a satirical documentary parable about Nothing, in which Nothing, tired of being misunderstood, comes to address us for the first and the last time.

Rue de la Victoire screened at Sea Cinema 1 at 5:30PM. The film followed Mohamed Dhiaa Gharbi, a Tunisian circus artist, as he gradually reconstructed his identity and gained his independence. Rue de la Victoire is a documentary about hope; a representation of young people trying to rise above their social conditions.

Mrs. Fang also screened at Sea Cinema 1 at 8:00PM. The movie talked about Fang Xiuying who was a farmer born in Huzhou, Fujian in 1948, who suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last eight years of her life. The film followed her ordeal first in 2015, and then in 2016 during the last ten days of her life.

Finally, Corporate screened at Audimax Theatre - TU Berlin at 9:30PM. The movie portrayed Emilie, a bright young workaholic manager in Human Resources, working for a huge French agro-food company. Ambitious and dedicated to her job, she was a good soldier, ready to put ruthless methods of management into practice to meet the higher-ups’ requirements.

With regards to CineGouna Bridge Masterclasses and panels, please note that the following activities took place:

Masterclass: Creative Collaboration - Developing a Unique Vision & Language occurred at Audimax – TU Berlin at 10:30AM.  Oussama Fawzi and Mahmoud Hemida collaborated together on three widely acclaimed films; The Asphalt Kings (Afareet el-Asphalt) 1995, which won the Jury Award in 1995 in Locarno Festival, Fallen Angels Paradise (Gannet Al Shayateen) 1999, and I Love Cinema (Baheb El-Cima). In this masterclass a conversation was hosted between both of them on how they co-operated to make these three outstanding films; what were the key reasons for their collaboration, how they developed the film’s vision, language, and characterizations together.

Following the masterclass, as panel tittled Production Stories - Arab Producers in Conversation occurred at 12:30PM. This panel brought some of the most daring, dedicated and promising producers from the Arab world together in a conversation about the practices of film production in the region. Covered topics such as the role of the producer, the producer’s relationship with the director, the challenges of securing funding and ways through which the myriad hurdles facing film producers are overcome, the panellists will engage in a lively discussion about the biggest challenges they have faced in their careers and how they were able to overcome them and complete their projects.

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