Wednesday ,15 of August 2018
Wednesday ,15 of August 2018

CineGouna Platform announces the selected projects/films!

On July 22, CineGounaSpringBoard, a core programme of CineGouna Platform, closed the door for submissions for projects in development and films in post-production. This year, the number of submissions reached 145 (101 projects in development and 44 films in post-production). The total number of filmmakers and producers associated with these projects is 304.The submissions were reviewed by a committee of experts that selected 12 projects in development, and 6 films in post-production; based on their content, artistic vision, and overall financial feasibility. The selected projects and films represent 6 Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Sudan). They include 9 feature narratives and 3 feature documentaries in the projects in development category,; and 3 narratives and 3 documentaries in the films in post-production category.

During the first edition, the jury awarded a total of US $60,000 to the winning projects at the CineGouna Awards Ceremony on September 27, 2018. The best project in development and film in post-production received a CineGouna Platform Certificate and a cash award of US $15,000 each. This year, CineGouna Platform doubled its prizes, granting the winners a total of US $150,000, funded by El Gouna Film Festival and its sponsors and partners.

The selected projects in development are:

  • Barzakh, directed by: Laila Abbas

  • Curfew, directed by: Elyes Baccar

  • Dead Dog, directed by: Sarah Francis

  • Embodied Chorus, directed by: Danielle Davie, Mohamed Sabbah

  • Fouledh, directed by: Mehdi Hmili, Abdallah Chamekh

  • Gaza DC, directed by: Rashid Masharawi

  • Hanging Gardens, directed by: Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji

  • Soad, directed by: Ayten Amen

  • The Doubt, directed by: Ihab Jadallah

  • The Man Who Sold His Skin, directed by: Kaouther Ben Hania

  • Waiting for the Train, directed by: Zeina Sfeir

  • Yam & I, directed by: Nadine Salib

The selected films in post-production are:

  • 1982, directed by: Oualid Mouaness

  • Certified Mail, directed by: Hisham Saqr

  • Fataria, directed by: Walid TAYAA

  • I Am a Script Girl, directed by: Mina Nabil  

  • Off Khartoum Sides, directed by: Marwa Zein

  • Underdown, directed by: Sara Kaskas

CineGouna Platform is the industry segment of El Gouna Film Festival, created with the objective of nurturing and strengthening promising Egyptian and Arab cinema projects and filmmakers; in order to help them find artistic and financial support. CineGouna Platform is composed of two programmes: CineGouna Bridge and CineGounaSpringBoard. CineGounaSpringBoard is a project development and co-production lab that provides opportunities to find creative and financial support for Arab film directors and producers.

CineGouna Platform sponsors:

US $15,000 from New Century Production

US $10,000 from Arab Radio & Television (ART)

US $10,000 from Cedars Art Production

US $10,000 from Creative Media Ventures “Ebda3”

US $10,000 from iProductions

US $10,000 from Maqam Productions

US $10,000 from O3 Productions (MBC Group)

US $10,000 from Synergy Films

US $10,000 from from the US Embassy

US $10,000 worth of post production services from The Cell Post Production

US $5,000 from Mentor Arabia

US $5,000 from Tayarah

US $5,000 from The Cell Post Productions

Unlimited location shooting service for one Egyptian film from Dakhli West El Balad

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