Thursday ,27 of September 2018

CineGouna Platform announces the winning projects in development and films in post-production for the second edition of El Gouna Film Festival

The competition was tough this year, having projects and films representing 6 Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Sudan). They included 9 feature narratives and 3 feature documentaries in the projects in development category, and 3 narratives and 3 documentaries in the films in post-production category. Since its very first day, CineGouna
Platform has given the competing participants the opportunity to get exposure and find mentorship and artistic support from iconic industry professionals with the objective of nurturing
and strengthening promising Egyptian and Arab cinema projects and filmmakers. Based on their content, artistic vision, and overall financial feasibility, CineGouna SpringBoard jury assessed the projects/films and decided on the winners to get the financial support they need to achieve their visions.

The winning project in development is:
Embodied Chorus
The winning film in post-production is:

In addition to winners of the awards presented from CineGouna Platform partners and sponsors:
Projects in development:
US $15,000 presented to Soad from New Century
US $10,000 presented to Barzakh from Arab Radio & Television (ART)
US $10,000 presented to The Man Who Sold His Skin from Beelink Productions
US $10,000 presented to Barzakh from Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers)
US $10,000 presented to Soad from Eagle Films
US $10,000 presented to Gaza DC from iProductions
US $10,000 presented to Fouledh from Maqam Productions
US $10,000 presented to Barzakh from O3 Productions (MBC Group)
US $10,000 presented to Soad from Synergy Films
US $5,000 presented to Waiting for the Train from Mentor Arabia
Unlimited location shooting service presented to Soad from Dakhli West El Balad

Films in post-production:
US $10,000 presented to 1982 from Creative Media Ventures
US $10,000 presented to I Am a Script Girl from the US Embassy
US $10,000 worth of post production services to I Am a Script Girl from The Cell Post Production
US $5,000 presented to Underdown from The Cell Post Productions
US $5,000 presented to Off Khartoum Sides from New Black worth of film packaging services
US $5,000 presented to Fataria from Tayarah

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