Sunday ,9 of August 2020

16 International Films Confirmed for the 4th Edition of El Gouna Film Festival

In line with El Gouna Film Festival’s (GFF) mission to showcase a wide variety of films that tell powerful stories from the region and the world, the 4th edition of GFF continues to programme unique movies as well as newly discovered cinematic voices.

GFF is proud to announce that Bad Tales (Italy, Switzerland) by directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo is part of the festival’s line-up this year.

Another gem in the GFF 2020 selection is Days of Cannibalism (France, South Africa, Netherlands), a hybrid documentary where Teboho Edkins sheds light on the barren canyons of the Thaba-Tseka district in sparsely populated eastern Lesotho.

The programme also includes Irradiated (France, Cambodia) by acclaimed director Rithy Panh, a documentary about people who have survived the irradiation of war.

Delete History (France), directed by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, tells the story of three neighbours who come to terms with the consequences of the new world of social media.

Also among the selection is Berlin Alexanderplatz (Germany, Netherlands), the contemporary retelling of Alfred Döblin’s classic 1929 novel of German modernism with the same title, directed by Burhan Qurbani.

Father (Serbia) by director Srdan Golubović focuses on Nikola, the father who is ordered to give up his two children to social services after his wife attempts suicide.

Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut, Falling (United States, Canada), explores the fractures and contrasts of a modern family.

Aurélia Rouvier and Seamus Haley’s collaboration, Banksy Most Wanted (France), is an in-depth portrait of the masked Robin Hood, Banksy.

Samir Guesmi’s Ibrahim (France), a feature narrative about an adolescent dreamer who becomes involved in a shoplifting scam that lands his father, with whom he has a difficult relationship, with an unexpected debt.

Another Round (Denmark), directed by Thomas Vinterberg’s follows four friends—all high school teachers—while they test a theory that supports the idea that they can improve their lives by maintaining a certain level of intoxication at all times.

Another notable film is Ivan Ikić's Oasis (Serbia), a feature that shows us a glimpse of the lives of children born with intellectual disabilities, abandoned by their families and placed in specialized institutions.

The Whaler Boy (Russia, Poland, Belgium) by Philipp Yuryev is an adventure tale of young Chukchi Hunter Lyoshka who becomes spellbound by a stunning girl “from the computer, this crush prompts him to set on a dangerous journey to find his love.

Peel (Switzerland) is an animated documentary by Samuel Patthey and Silvain Monney that follows the daily routine of a retirement home in an isolated location.

Pilar (Netherlands), a hand painted animation that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic city where nature is slowly reclaiming the streets.

An international premiere, Influencer (Spain) is a short from Spain by director Rubén Barbosa. The film addresses the incident of one of the most popular influencers having her four million followers stolen.

And last by not least, Georgi M. Unkovski’s short, Sticker (Republic of North Macedonia) shares with us the experience of Dejan who, after an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.

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