Friday ,14 of August 2020

Farwell Our Fair Lady, Shwikar

Today we mourn the loss of iconic Egyptian actress Shwikar, who passed away at the age of 85 after suffering from a long illness.

Born in Alexandria to an Egyptian father with Turkish origins and a Circassian mother in 1935, she debuted her acting career in some minor tragic roles, before she was discovered by the late Egyptian director Fateen Abdul Wahab, who saw in her a talented comedian.

In the 1960’s Shwikar attracted the limelight and shined to stardom especially through her artistic duet with legendary comedian Fouad El-Mohandes, whom she later married. Together they created an enduring success by starring in some classic cinematic and theatrical productions like Sayidati Al Jamila, Ana We Howa We Heya, Ard Al Nefak, Akhtar Ragol Fel Aalam, Al Aataba Gazaz, and Shanabo Fel Masyada, to name a few. Despite their divorce in 1980, to date, they are still considered one of the most iconic power couples in the history of Egyptian cinema. Aside from her duo with El-Mohandes, her cinematic repertoire includes a number of important movies like Kashf Al Mastor, Zaman Al Mamno, Ragol Le Haza Al Zaman, and Ta'er Al Layl Al Hazin. 

Shwikar is one of the few actresses who proved to combine exceptional talents in comedy, drama, singing and dancing. Over the span of her career she starred in over 170 films, plays and television series, and received several awards and honours from local and international festivals and institutions.

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