International Advisory Board


Egyptian actress Youssra, who—with almost 90 films under her belt—is a recipient of the Marrakech International Film Festival honorary award in 2003. In 2007, she received “ART” award for excellence in Taormina Film Festival. She was chosen to be a jury member of numerous International Film Festivals, has headed the jury of Carthage Cinema Days in 1994. She became the first Egyptian actress to head the international jury of the Cairo International Film Festival in 2014.

Mohamed Malas

┘ÉAcclaimed Syrian director Mohamed Malas, whose both documentaries and feature narratives have garnered local and international recognition, establishing him as one of the most significant filmmakers in the Arab region. His many awards include the Golden Palm from the Valencia Festival of Mediterranean Cinema for Dreams of the City (1983) and the Golden Tanit from the Carthage Film Festival for his 1992 film The Night. He also won the Special Prize of the Jury in 2005 for his film “The shrine’s door” in Marrakech Film Festival as well as being honored in many Arab festivals out of which are, Carthage, Beirut and Damascus.

Hend Sabry

Award-winning Tunisian actress Hend Sabry, who is one of the most outstanding stars of Arab contemporary cinema. In 1994, she won best actress in Carthage Film Festival for her role in “The silence of the palace” by Mofida Telatly and also best actress in the Valencia Film festival. Also, she won won the best actress award from the National Egyptian film festival in 2001 for her role in “A citizen, a detective and a thief” by Daoud Abd El Sayed. In 2010, she was chosen to be a UN World Food Programme Ambassador, and has been working diligently for years to raise awareness about hunger in the region.

Atiq Rahimi

French-Afghan writer and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi is considered to be one of the most important directors and writers of the Contemporary Afghan Cinema. His first feature film Earth and Ashes (2004) won the Un Certain Regard award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Hiam Abbas

Palestinian actress, writer and director Hiam Abbas has portrayed a diverse collection of characters in over 80 films, working under the guidance of top-tier directors such as Steven Spielberg in “Munich”, Ragaa El-Amari in “Red Satin” 2002, Youssry Nasrallah in “Gate to the sun” 2004 and Hani Abu Asaad in “Heaven now” which won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign film in 2006. Abbas has also served on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

Tareq Ben Ammar

Tunisian producer and distributor Tarek Ben Ammar heads “Kenta Group” for film distribution and audiovisual techniques. In 1975. Ammar has co-produced many American blockbusters which were shot in Tunis such as George Lucas’s Star Wars and Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). He also produced “Pirates” by Roman Bolanski, “Quarter to two before Jesus” by Jean Yanne and has co-produced “Miral” by Julian Schnabel. In 2004, he also distributed “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson.

Yousry Nasrallah

Egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah, whose films Summer Thefts (1988), Aquarium (2008) and After the Battle (2012), among others, have been applauded for their honest and insightful portrayal of Egypt’s social and political complexities, the latter being nominated for a Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. His film “Scheherazade tell me a story” won audience award in Nantes Three Continents Festival in France in 2009. Variety magazine has given him best director in the middle-east award in 2012. This year he headed the jury of Locarno’s 70th film festival.

Abderrahmane Sissako

Mauritanian director and producer Abderrahmane Sissako. His 1998 feature Life on Earthwon the Silver Award in Italy’s Taormina Film Fest, while 2002’s Waiting for Happiness won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. And his latest film Timbuktu (2014) was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, won three César awards; best director, best film and best script. Timbuktu also was nominated the Academy Award for best foreign film.

Margarethe Von Trotta

German actress and filmmaker Margarethe Von Trotta worked with famous German filmmakers such as Fassbinder and Schlöndorff. Von Trotta directed about 26 films and TV series and won 34 prestigious awards, including German Association of Critics' Award in 1971 and 1981. Her film "Marianne and Julian" won the Golden Lion and the FIPRESCI Prize and the New Cinema Award in Venice Film Festival in 1981. Her significant works include the political film "Rosa Luxemburg", which won the Best Actress award at Cannes in 1986 and "Africa" which was the opening film in Venice 1990.

Forest Whitaker

American actor Forest Whitaker is the recipient of more than 50 international acting awards, among them an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a New York Film Critics Circle award for his portrayal of former Ugandan president Idi Amin in Kevin Macdonald’s The Last King of Scotland (2006). He has also won the Best Actor award in the 1988 Cannes Film Festival for his performance in Clint Eastwood’s Bird, and was given the Creative Achiever award at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival. He played distinctive roles in more than 120 films and TV series; “The color of money” by Martin Scorsese, “Platoon” by Oliver stone, “The crying game” by Neil Gordon and “Ghost Dog; The way of the Samurai” by Jim Jarmusch. In addition to his outstanding repertoire as an actor, Whitaker is also the director of six feature and short films.