Bronze (2018)

Feature Documentary Competition | Afghanistan, Netherlands, Japan, Germany | Farsi with subtitles in English and Arabic | 88 min


About the Film

A sobering, intimate and warm account of daily life in Kabul during the silent intervals between suicide bombings, which define life for the film's characters: Abas, a fearless bus driver who is always on the lookout for his passengers; and two boys—teenager Afshin and his younger brother Benjamin—who were separated from their father, a police officer, due to murder threats. This absorbing film skillfully captures the heaviness of coexisting with constant fear, and an unending imposed threat of bloodshed.

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Aboozar Amini

Aboozar Amini was born in 1985 in Afghanistan. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. His graduation film KabulTehranKabul (2010) won the prestigious Wildcard Award from the Dutch Film Fund. He obtained his M.A. in directing and aesthetic language of cinema from London Film School. His graduation film Angelus Novus (2015) premiered at IFFR and won various awards worldwide. His 2016 film Where Is Kurdistan? was commissioned by IFFR, and his debut feature film Kabul, City in the Wind (2018) won the Special Jury Award for First Appearance at the 31st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam


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