Short Films Competition | Jordan, Sweden, Germany | Arabic with subtitles in English | 15 min


About the Film

Salam is a young housewife who dreams of motherhood. She quietly suffers within the codified Middle Eastern society, while trying to help her husband Ammar overcome his reproductive condition. One day, her mother-in-law informs her that the family has decided that Ammar should find a second wife, assuming that she’s infertile, and telling her that she has no right in depriving their son of fatherhood. Ammar helplessly stirs Salam into a different direction, leading her to fight the battle in her own way. Give Up The Ghost will premiere in the Orizzonti section of the 76th Venice Film Festival.


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Zain Duraie

Jordanian director, writer and actor Zain Duraie was born in Amman, and graduated from the Toronto Film School in 2009. Her directorial debut, the short film Horizon (2013), was awarded the Best of the Festival Selects at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, and the Audience Award at the 20th edition of the Franco-Arab Film Festival. Her latest short film, Give Up the Ghost (2019), was screened at the 76th Venice Film Festival.


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