Feature Documentary Competition | Lebanon, Palestine, Denmark, Slovenia | Arabic, with English Subtitles | 75 min


About the Film

Lina was only six years old when her father, Ibrahim, set off on what should have been a short mission in 1987, never to return. A member of the Abu Nidal group, Ibrahim's past has since haunted Lina’s family. Today, the film serves as an open letter to the father Lina never really knew.

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Lina Al Abed

Lina Al Abed graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Damascus University. After working on her graduation film—a 52-minute portrait of a Syrian author—she started her career as a journalist. In the following years, Al Abed was involved in several projects that address women’s issues in the Middle East. In 2009, she embarked on a collaboration with Danish directors on a documentary project, after which she worked on her own short documentary. Her second short documentary, Nour Alhuda (2010), was granted the Dox Box Jury Award as Best Syrian Film. Today, she is part of a production company based in Beirut. Her filmography also includes Yearning (2011), Damascus, My First Kiss (2012), and Ibrahim (2015).


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