Feature Narrative Competition, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Russian, Finnish - 107 min


About the Film

A young Finnish woman escapes an enigmatic love affair in Moscow by boarding a train to the arctic port of Murmansk. Forced to share the long ride and a tiny sleeping car with a Russian miner, the unexpected encounter leads the occupants of Compartment no. 6 to face the truth about their own yearning for human connection. The film won the Grand Prix at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

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Juho Kuosmanen

Juho Kuosmanen is a Helsinki based filmmaker. His first film, The Painting Sellers, won the Grand Prix at the 2010 Cannes Cinéfondation, while The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Besides making widely acclaimed films, he has directed avant-garde opera and theater. He also makes silent short films with live music and foleys. He is the co-founder and artistic director of a small film festival in his hometown, Kokkola.


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