The Blue Inmates (2021)


Feature Documentary Competition | Lebanon | Arabic | 75 min


About the Film

The film follows inmates from Roumieh Prison in Lebanon who produce a play about their fellow prisoners who suffer from mental illness and are thus filed under ‘Mad and Possessed’ by the Penal Code and forgotten behind bars for life. The Blue Inmates was part of the 2020 Final Cut workshop in Venice, where it won El Gouna Film Festival prize and an invitation to participate in the 4th edition of CineGouna Platform

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Zeina Daccache

Zeina Daccache is a director and drama therapist who produced the pioneering artistic production 12 Angry Lebanese starring the inmates of Roumieh Prison in 2009. This production, as well as the documentary that emerged from the process, received international acclaim and a total of eight awards. The film also led to the implementation of Law 463 in 2009, which entails the reduction of sentences for good behavior. In 2012 Daccache created the play Scheherazade in Baabda, starring female inmates of the Baabda prison, where they shared their personal stories in an attempt to heal their wounds and hold up a mirror to Lebanese society about the oppression of women behind bars. Her second feature documentary, Scheherazade’s Diary, won 10 international awards.


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