Silence of the Tides (2020)


Feature Documentary Competition, The ‌Netherlands, No Dialogue - 102 min


About the Film

The Wadden Sea is unique in both flora and fauna, but even the human life that unfolds in the world's largest wetland region has a special character. The area starts at the Danish city of Esbjerg and stretches across Germany to the Netherlands, but the changing seasons and the perpetual ebb and flow mean that the landscape is constantly changing. 

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Pieter-Rim de Kroon

Pieter-Rim de Kroon (1955) is a highly acclaimed cinematographer of distinguished feature documentaries on culture, environment and nature. His films have tremendous visual impact, and owe much to his expert visual approach and observational storytelling created by the use of natural light, a distinguished combination of lens angles, camera choreography, editing and original use of soundtrack. As film director and cameraman his work has been awarded with over 140 national and international awards and received major prizes at many festivals.


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