Branka (2021)


Short Films Competition, Hungary, Bosnian, Hungarian, Serbian - 20 min


About the Film

Far away from war zones, Branka gets a job at a maternity ward of a state hospital. Although she struggles with feelings of loneliness, as events unravel and thrilling events ensue, solitude becomes the least of the young woman’s worries when she realizes that newborns are disappearing from the hospital.

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Ákos K. Kovács

Ákos K. Kovács was born in 1991 in Senta, Yugoslavia. After he finished high school in Subotica, he moved to Budapest to study Cinematography in the Metropolitan University. Away, ​his BA diploma project that was directed by Roland Ferge, debuted at the Berlinale Generation in 2014, where it won Special Mention of the Generation Kplus International Jury. His other collaborations as DOP include Szabolcs Hajdu’s It’s Not the Time of My Life. Since then, Kovács started to work in films as writer and director. Branka is his first short film.


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