CAI - BER (2021)


Short Films Competition, Egypt, United Kingdom, Arabic, German - 17 min


About the Film

After numerous failed attempts to escape the status quo of her generation’s depression, Nour, 29, secretly arranges to flee her homeland. Hours before her departure, she embarks on a struggle with a patriarchal society and an inner fight to keep her secret hidden.

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Ahmed Abdelsalam

Ahmed Abdelsalam is a Cairo-based director and producer. Graduating from MetFilm School with a Film Directing MA, he began his career as an assistant director on films and TV series, like Eshtebak, Tayea, and Qabeel. He covers a range of genres with an avant-garde flair and is known for fusing cinematic sophistication with commercial work. Abdelsalam’s time is divided between Cairo and London, working as a freelance director and producer for a variety of agencies and independent films.


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