Creature (2021)


Short Films Competition | Argentina, Switzerland | Spanish | 16 min


About the Film

A love relationship unleashes the obscurity within, to evoke in the real world, a world of shadows. The stronger the arguments and the disillusionments are, the more broken the relationship becomes. And so, in the depths of her mind, the protagonist descends into an underworld that faces her with the reflection of her own self; a sensuous creature she needs to let go. 

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María Silvia Esteve

María Silvia Esteve is an Argentinianfilmmaker. She was awarded by the Spanish Association of Authors of Cinematographic Photography AEC. Her debut film, Silvia (2018), premiered at the IDFA, and was a winner at the Havana Film Festival. She participated in IDFA Summer School and IDFA Space Project with her new film in development, Mailin.


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