Anima (2021)


Official Selection out of Competition, Russia, Russian - 62 min


About the Film

Anna, a conductor, suddenly leaves the city and lives alone in the northern forest on the seashore. One day, a chorister comes to her in the hope of returning Anna to her destiny, but ends up staying with her where the understanding of time and the line between reality and dream is erased. Gradually the voice of the chorus girl becomes the inner voice of the silent conductor.

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Liliya Timirzyanova

Liliya Timirzyanova was born in 1995 in Tatarstan. Her father, who was a photographer, had a great influence on her development as an artist. At the age of 17, she moved to St. Petersburg, got musical and philological education, played in the theater, staged chamber performances, traveled a lot; considers the road the most important university of life. Now Liliya lives in Greece.


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