May Odeh

Jury Member

Born in Birzeit, May Odeh is a director and a film producer. Her first feature film 200 Meters debuted at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival’s Venice Days competition. She’s the founder of Odeh Films, a production company that aims to produce and distribute creative documentary and feature films. Recently, she has been developing various feature films and is now in post-production with Iraqi director Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji’s Hanging Gardens, a CineGouna alumnus that secured the official jury prize at the 2021 Final Cut in Venice Workshop. Odeh is best known for works such as Gaza by Her, Maradona’s Legs, and In Vitro. Her recent work includes The Present and A Thousand Fires. She curates various film programs, including Palestinian Film Platform and Mobile Cinema. Odeh got her Master’s Degree in Film from Lillehammer University College in Norway and graduated from EAVE in 2016. She’s a member of the European Film Academy.