Alice Kharoubi

Jury Member

After finishing her studies in France and the USA, Alice Kharoubi has been a core member of the Cannes Film Festival team for many years. While managing the Short Film Corner as part of the Cannes Film Festival, she was appointed as a short film programmer for Abu Dhabi Film Festival and as a programming team member at the Geneva International Film Festival. Currently, Kharoubi is the Director of Cinema Programming at Marché du Film and is a member of film and script selection committees at the Festival de Cannes, Red Sea International Film Festival, and the Poitiers Film Festival… Her extensive network, as well as her knowledge of the international film market, make her a key industry professional. She has often been asked to mentor young filmmakers and scout projects. She has been a jury member in many film festivals, including Saravejo Film Festival and Carthage Film Festival.