Jury Member

CHANG-HO BAE Born in 1953, Chang-ho BAE is a South Korean film director who graduated from Yonsei University in 1976 with a B.A. in Business Administration. Since making his directorial debut with People of the Slum in 1982, Bae has directed 18 feature films, garnering local and international acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Bae has been a Jury President at a variety of film festivals, including the Seoul International Agape Film Festival, Yakutsk International Film Festival in Russia, and Vesoul Asian Film Festival in France, among others. He has received multiple prestigious awards at film festivals such as the Udine Far East Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, Grand Bell Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, and BĂ©nodet international Film Festival. Currently, Bae is the Festival Director of Ulju Mountain Film Festival. His films include Whale Hunting, Deep Blue Night, Stairway to Heaven, and My Heart.