Short Films Competition | 19 min | 2018

My Best Friend's Shoes

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About the Film

Two boys from different backgrounds bond over soccer. One is a better soccer player, the other is richer… their friendship will soon be tested because of a new pair of shoes. The film makes a strong case for the urgent need to embrace social inclusion and integration, so that prejudice and discrimination resulting from class division may finally be eradicated.


Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2018
Length 19 min
Language Gujarati
Country India

Film Credits

Director Ajitpal Singh
Screenplay Ajitpal Singh, Yogi Singha
Cinematography Tojo Xavier
Music Sagar Desai
Editing Shan Mohammad
Producer Mauli Singh
Production Company Drishyam Films
Sound Design
Sound BOB Susmit Bob Nath
Cast Shivam Math, Yash Patel, Swati Das

Film Contacts

Directed by: Ajitpal Singh

Ajitpal Singh was a 8 years old boy when his father ran a cinema hall. After studying chemistry, learning theatre and photography, he slowly came to filmmaking, making some experimental films before writing a fiction film script that was selected or Sundance Screenwriter’s India Lab in 2012. Ajitpal Singh has worked as Associate Director For Gurgaon (2016), dialogue writer for Once Again (2017). He has also worked as researcher for 16 German Documentary films in India. Currently he is writing two International co-production feature scripts and working on his first feature as a writer-director.