Known for being the cultural hub of the Middle East and Africa, Egypt has long been considered a pioneer within the realm of cinema and filmmaking. Serving as an intersection for civilizations from East to West, Egypt’s position has fueled its leadership in filmmaking, and has opened doors for some of the best international films to enter the region. This makes Egypt a prime choice to host the top creative minds and provide them with a platform for cultural exchange.

More specifically, we chose El Gouna, one of Egypt’s most sought after destinations. The seaside town is a short drive from Hurghada International Airport. When one thinks of El Gouna, luxury marinas, stunning beaches, and state-of-the-art eco-friendly facilities come to mind. The town’s incredible weather, top-tier dining, extravagant nightlife and endless recreational options make it the perfect induction into Egypt for cinema-goers, celebrities, filmmakers and industry experts from across the world.

El Gouna boasts a total of 18 reputable hotels with unique concepts that cater to GFF’s guests of A-listers, public figures and regional and international celebrities, providing them with a comfortable and satisfying lodging experience during their stay.

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