El Gouna Film Festival is opening its doors to film students, cinephiles, industry experts, media personalities, and movie fanatics to be part of the GFF experience this year. All festival activities from workshops, masterclasses and screenings are now accessible to all interested individuals through our different accreditation and registration options.

Even those who wish to fully experience GFF’s parties and events with their favorite stars, have the chance to attend the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies and get more exclusive benefits through one of our premium passes.

If you want to attend El Gouna Film Festival and spend a unique vacation exploring all that the festival has to offer... our different festival passes are exclusively tailored to grant you the best of the GFF experience.

- Silver Pass    3000 EGP

Our Silver Pass offers a myriad of benefits! Spend your day at the Festival Plaza between the Marketplace and the Made in Gouna pop-up. End your day on a high note by attending the Sunset at the Plaza reception, where you can socialize and mingle while enjoying your drink and live entertainment. Don’t miss the daily red carpet premieres of some of the most celebrated films of the year!

In addition to the Festival Plaza, the Silver Pass grants you access to the main festival venues; TU Berlin, Sea Cinema and Arena Cinema where film screenings and CineGouna panels, workshops and masterclasses are taking place.

- Gold Pass    9,000 EGP

With the full benefits of the Silver Pass; Gold Pass-holders will get an upgrade to attend either the festival’s opening or closing ceremonies with their after parties

- Platinum Pass    20,000 EGP

The Platinum Pass premium benefits cover the full perks of the Silver Pass in addition to access to the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies and after-parties, exclusive lounge and priority invitations to the daily special events.

Purchase Policy

1- By requesting an accreditation badge or pass to El Gouna Film Festival you agree to be bound by the following ‘Terms and Conditions’.

2- If you are an industry professional, you may request an accreditation badge from the tab below to attend the different CineGouna activities including masterclasses, screenings and panels. If you are a non-industry professional, you may purchase a pass to attend the different festival activities from the passes tab below.

3- For security and access purposes, each application is personal and issued with a personal photo. 

4- Only applicants with a confirmation letter or a valid proof of purchase would be eligible to access through El Gouna gates to pick up their badges. 

5- You will be required to present a valid ID at the Accreditation Desk to receive your badge.

6- Accreditation badges and passes are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

For more information or inquiries, please email us on

Apply Now

        Industry professionals, members of the press and film students have the chance to explore some of the benefits GFF has to offer through one of the festival’s tailored accreditation badges. 

        Industry and Industry Plus

        If you are an industry professional, aspiring filmmaker or work for a film company, institution, or a cultural organization, then GFF’s industry badge is for you. Apply for the industry accreditation and access the endless opportunities of GFF’s support hub. Accredited industry professionals have access to film screenings, CineGouna SpringBoard pitch sessions, in addition to CineGouna Bridge masterclasses, panel discussions and workshops led by international and regional industry leaders.

        Press and Media 

        Are you a publishing journalist, reporter, correspondent, photographer, TV or radio crew member or a PR agent for a film in GFF’s line-up? GFF welcomes you to apply for the festival’s free-of-charge press accreditation. The GFF press badge provides accredited professionals with all needed facilities to cover festival screenings and events.


        Students majoring in industry or media-related fields now have complete access to all GFF screenings, as well as CineGouna Platform public activities.