Short Films Competition | 11 min | 2019


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About the Film

Jetski is a coming-of-age film about anonymity, migration, and the relationship between father and son. The film gives us a glimpse into the lives of two men who are tucked away in the desolate suburbs of Amsterdam. In this bittersweet story we follow Mido, a young kid with a big responsibility: taking care of his sick father. When he finds out his father was once the jet ski champion of the Red Sea, he does everything in his power to give him a last, proper goodbye.

Film Info

Section Short Films Competition
Year 2019
Length 11 min
Language Dutch, Arabic with subtitles in English
Country Netherlands
Premiere International Premiere

Film Credits

Director Sharif Abdel Mawla
Screenplay Sharif Abdel Mawla
Cinematography Daan Bukman
Music Niels den Otter
Editing Brian Ent
Producer Cecile Neeteson
Production Company TopNotch Music, Likeminds
Sound Design
Sound Gijs Domen
Cast Walid Taha, Sabri Saad El-Hamus, Mila van Groeningen, Samer Abdel Mawla

Film Contacts

Directed by: Sharif Abdel Mawla