Tuesday ,9 of July 2019
El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) is happy to announce that The Knight & The Princess, the first Egyptian animated feature film, has been confirmed to take part in its 3rd edition, which will take place from September 19 to 27, 2019.
Tuesday ,2 of July 2019
Very sad to say goodbye to our dear friend, and the multi-talented artist, who left our world today, at the age of 71.
Tuesday ,2 of July 2019
Important reminder for those who would like to submit their films in post-production to the 3rd edition of CineGouna Platform.
Thursday ,27 of September 2018
Today, September 27, 2018, CineGouna Platform announced the winning projects in development and films in post-production for the second edition of El Gouna Film Festival. As promised, the best project in development and film in post-production received a CineGouna Platform Certificate and a cash award of US $15,000 each. This year, CineGouna Platform more than doubled its prizes, granting the winners a total of US $175,000 , funded by El Gouna Film Festival and its sponsors and partners.
Saturday ,29 of September 2018
Wednesday ,15 of August 2018
12 projects in development and 6 films in post-production compete for awards worth more than US $150,000
Sunday ,5 of August 2018
Cairo, August, 2018: After it was crowned Best Film in the first edition of El Gouna Film Festival, ‘Photocopy’ scored two more awards at the 11th Oran International Arab Film Festival; with Haitham Dabbour receiving an award for best script and Shereen Reda honored for her great performance in the film.
Wednesday ,18 of July 2018
Cairo, July 2018: Raed Andoni’s ‘Ghost Hunting’ has won The Golden Lighthouse prize for best picture at the first Manarat Mediterranean Film Festival, defeating strong competition.
Wednesday ,4 of July 2018
Cairo, Egypt; 4 July, 2018 – El Gouna Film Festival is now accepting applications for accreditation for the 2nd edition of CineGouna Platform (CGP)
Monday ,18 of June 2018
Cairo, June 18, 2018: El Gouna Film Festival announced the selection of YOMEDDINE in the Feature Narrative Competition of its 2nd edition
Friday ,8 of June 2018
Cairo, Egypt; April 24, 2018 – After a successful first edition, El Gouna Film Festival is pleased to announce that submissions are open as of April, 24 for feature narrative and feature documentary film projects in development as well as films in post-production for the second edition of the festival’s CineGouna Springboard with the deadline for submission set to be July 22, 2018.
Thursday ,12 of April 2018
Three international competitions with awards totalling USD 220,000
Saturday ,31 of March 2018
Cairo, Egypt; March, 2017 – Kicking off its activities ahead of El Gouna Film Festival’s second edition which is set to take place from the 20th – 28th of September 2018, CineGouna Platform gave out an award at Beirut Cinema Platform (BCP) to Dead Dog by Sarah Francis, guaranteeing the film to be automatically selected as part of CineGouna Springboard’s official selection.
Tuesday ,20 of February 2018
Cairo, Egypt; February, 2017 – The Founding and Executive committee of El Gouna Film Festival announces the dates of the second edition of El Gouna Film Festival is set to take place from the 20 th – 28 th of September 2018, in Egypt’s blissful resort by the Red Sea, El Gouna. Filmmakers from around the world will get the chance to engage with industry experts in hopes of creating an integrated cultural scene across Egypt.