Tuesday ,8 of September 2020

After Participating in Venice Days, Ameen Nayfeh’s 200 Meters to Take Part in the Feature Narrative Competition of El Gouna Film Festival

El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) celebrates the success of another CineGouna Platform (CGP) alumnus and is happy to announce that Ameen Nayfeh’s film 200 Meters will be part of the feature narrative competition at the upcoming 4th edition of the festival.

Written and directed by Ameen Nayfeh, 200 Meters is an international co-production that involves producers from Palestine, Jordan, Italy and Sweden and has just had its world premiere at the 17th Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days), an important sidebar of the Venice Film Festival. The MENA premiere of the film, will be proudly hosted at the 4th edition of GFF. It is worth noting that the film was an award-winning project, receiving the Mentor Arabia prize for Children and Youth Empowerment at the inaugural edition of CineGouna Springboard’s projects in development section.

Festival director Intishal Al Timimi stated, “It is indeed a proud moment for us when a project that we selected and supported through CineGouna SpringBoard achieves international recognition. Not only does this confirm that our mission at GFF is progressing in the right direction, but it also encourages to carry on the work of nurturing films and filmmakers in the region, It is most satisfying to see a project turns into a film, especially when you have been part of its  journey since the time when it was only a script and  it is not so easy to gauge its true potential.”

200 Meters tells the story of Mustafa and his wife who come from two Palestinian villages, separated by a dividing wall. Although the distance between them is only 200 meters, it poses a challenge when their child is admitted to a hospital and Mustafa is prevented from crossing the security checkpoint. That is when a 200-meter journey turns into a frightening odyssey.

Without directly presenting the Palestinian issue—and through Nayfeh’s skillful adoption of hinting through many impressive clips which tell the extent of the suffering that a Palestinian experience in his land—the film represents a powerful, influential piece, touching our feelings as human beings, no matter where we came from.

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