Hamlet from the Slums and The Blind Ferryman Selected for the 2022 L’Atelier Co-production Forum

Wed Mar 23, 2022


Director Ahmed Fawzi-Saleh’s film and CineGouna Platform alumni Hamlet from the Slums and Ali Al-Fatlawi’s The Blind Ferryman - Al Baseer were selected among 16 projects for the 2022 L’Atelier Co-production Forum during the 75th Cannes Film Festival, set to take place May 17- 28, 2022.

Hamlet from the Slums tells the story of Eighteen-year-old Ahmed (based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet) who must carve a place for himself within a patriarchal world. After the ghost of his late father demands revenge for his alleged assassination, Ahmed struggles as it goes against his peaceful Sufi beliefs.

Hamlet from the Slums was part of the 4th edition of CineGouna Platform’s projects in development, where it received $20,000 from Shahid and f $10,000 from Sparkle Media Services, as well as participation in the Film Independent Virtual Residency award from Film Independent and The U.S. Embassy, in addition to participation in one of IEFTA's partner development lab or workshop from IEFTA.

The Blind Ferryman - Al Baseer follows Ayoub who lives in the Iraqi marshes. One day, he meets a mysterious woman and falls for her. But nobody believes that she exists. When everyone turns away from him, he carries out a fatal act in desperation.

L’Atelier was launched in 2005 to support emerging filmmakers, from newcomers to high-profile names, who are offered expert advice and the opportunity to meet potential co-production partners and funding sources during the festival.

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