El Gouna Film Festival and O West Kick Off "CINEGOUNA x O WEST" on June 9-10: A New Destination for Filmmakers

Sun May 26, 2024


Cairo, Egypt – May 26, 2024 – El Gouna Film Festival and O West, one of Orascom Development’s fully integrated towns are excited to announce the "CINEGOUNA x O WEST" event, set to take place at O West on June 9-10. This event marks the activation of their ongoing collaboration, creating a dynamic platform designed to support and empower Egyptian and Arab filmmakers. This innovative initiative aims to provide Cairo with an impactful experience of the CineGouna Platform, fostering artistic and financial growth through workshops, masterclasses, panels, and networking opportunities.

The CineGouna Platform, known for its industry-oriented approach, has always been a beacon for filmmakers seeking to advance their craft and gain vital industry connections. CineGouna x O West will extend this mission. Its activities will take place over two days during the month of June 2024 in Cairo and will gather celebrities and established stars, along with emerging and youth talents, who will also be a focus. They will be invited to attend the opening night, red carpet events, networking sessions, and significant panels and masterclasses, ensuring a high-profile presence that elevates the entire experience.

“CineGouna x O West represents an exciting new chapter in our mission to support filmmakers across the region. By bringing together established stars and emerging talents, we are creating a unique space for creativity and collaboration,” said Amr Mansi, Executive Director, El Gouna Film Festival. “We look forward to seeing the innovative projects and ideas that will emerge from this platform.”

Tamer Dewidar, CEO of O West, Makadi Heights, and Byoum, commented “Through this collaboration we are set to host the activities of "CineGouna" platform, which includes various activities throughout the year in O West. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to promoting culture and art within our community. We are eager to offer a space where filmmakers can flourish and build meaningful connections, as well as establishing a sustainable interactive platform for year-round knowledge exchange. It comes as part of our focus on building lively integrated towns that contribute to the community by supporting art, culture, sports, and entrepreneurship.”

The collaboration will be launched with a grand opening event. Celebrities, key industry figures, sponsors, and partners will be in attendance.

“CineGouna x O West is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. This initiative will create a vibrant ecosystem where creativity and innovation can flourish, providing invaluable opportunities for both established and emerging talents,” said Marianne Khoury, Artistic Director, El Gouna Film Festival. “This initiative allows us to engage with the industry more than once a year, providing continuous support and opportunities for filmmakers.” she added.

For more information and further updates, please visit El Gouna Film Festival’s website https://www.elgounafilmfestival.com


About El Gouna Film Festival

El Gouna Film Festival, founded in 2017, is one of the leading festivals in the MENA region. GFF aims to showcase a wide variety of films for a passionate and knowledgeable audience, while fostering better communication between cultures through the art of filmmaking. Its goal is to connect filmmakers from the region with their international counterparts in the spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange. The festival is committed to the discovery of new voices and strives to be a catalyst for the development of cinema in the Arab world, especially through CineGouna Platform, an industry-oriented event created to empower Egyptian and Arab filmmakers and help them find artistic and financial support. CineGouna Platform presents the CineGouna Bridge program that provides opportunities for sharing and learning and the CineGouna SpringBoard, a project development and co-production labthe CineGouna Market and the Short Film Lounge, a place creating a link between emerging and established filmmakers. Another unique feature of the Market is our initiative CineGouna Emerge, launched in 2023, aimed at young men and women across Egypt working in various fields of Cinema. It offers them an immersive experience and the opportunity to participate in and benefit from all festival activities. El Gouna Film Festival prioritises building audiences and fostering a love for cinema from a young age. To achieve this, the GFF invites schools from El Gouna to participate, emphasizing the importance of learning to appreciate and engage with cinema early on.


About O West:

O West, one of Orascom Development’s integrated towns in West Cairo is located on an area of 1,000 acres, equivalent to 4.2 million square meters with a one-of-a-kind urban design that balances the space allocated for building and green spaces. The town is divided into unique modern neighborhoods and spaces for social events with the availability of vital facilities and amenities. O West includes 11,000 residential units, as well as an educational area composed of 4 major international schools with 5 international curriculums, including British, American, and German and international systems. O West Club is considered one of the biggest sports clubs in West Cairo, located on an area of 38 acres, in addition to a medical area, a commercial area, and administrative offices that aim to support entrepreneurship in addition to a health complex, a commercial district, and O Business District. 

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