200 METERS (2020)


Feature Narrative Competition | Palestine, Jordan, Italy, Sweden | Arabic, English, Hebrew |  90 min


About the Film

Mustafa and his wife come from two Palestinian villages that are only 200 meters apart, but separated by the wall. While their unusual living situation poses a challenge to their marriage, they do what they can to make it work. When their son is hospitalized, Mustafa rushes to the checkpoint but is denied entry. This is when his once 200-meter journey becomes an odyssey.

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Ameen Nayfeh

Ameen Nayfeh is a writer and director born in Palestine in 1988. He spent his formative years moving between Jordan and Palestine. Despite an early interest in filmmaking, he earned his B.Sc. in nursing from Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem in 2010. In 2012, he graduated with an MFA from the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Jordan with the goal of telling authentic stories from his region. He has written, produced, and directed several award-winning shorts, and has been freelancing for film and TV production for the past 6 years. His acclaimed works include The Eid Gift (2012), Suspended Time (2014), and The Crossing (2017).


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